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Dr. Natalia Ortiz arrived in Australia 27 years ago. Two years after her arrival she founded the Spanish Film Festival in Australia, an event she directed for fifteen years. In 2013 Natalia directed 'Memory' a short film dedicated to her mother. The film screened internationally in numerous Festivals and won Best short film at the Victoria Multicultural Commission Festival 2019. The film is currently part of the TRAVELLING ROADSHOW SERIES ‘Zooming Out’, supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission & Swinburne University  

Natalia Ortiz is the Executive and Creative Director of 'Home Sweet Home' (2020), and the Director and Founder of SCHAA- The Spanish Cultural Heritage Association of Australia. SCHAA is a not-for-profit organisation that is formed by a multidisciplinary collective of professionals. The main objective of SCHAA is to promote the preservation of the Spanish cultural heritage in Australia, by encouraging research, cultural events, and the social enjoyment of cultural resources.

Currently, Dr. Natalia Ortiz is co-directing and co-producing her first feature documentary, "The brides' flight" (Spain Australia). produced with the support of RTVE-Radio y Televisión Española, Destino Films and Desenfoque Post Producciones Digitales S.L.

Dr Natalia Ortiz is the convenor of Spanish Studies at the University of New South Wales.

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